Who We Are


Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) is a medico-social network that operates in Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria. The network is managed and supported by the Board of Directors in the HKCC headquarters in New York City, USA.

Founded by Mihran and Zabel Karagheusian in memory of their son Howard, who died of pneumonia in 1919 at the age of 14, HKCC aims at developing the physical, moral, and social health of children in their families as well as their environment.

The Lebanon branch of HKCC was established in 1941 and has since been operating as a primary health care center in the country.

It is officially recognized as an non-governmental organization (NGO) by the Lebanese government and works under Permit No. 2899 from the Lebanese Ministry of Interior Affairs. The HKCC Lebanon Center also enjoys an official cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

HKCC Lebanon operates through three centers: a primary center in Bourj Hammoud – an overpopulated city north of Beirut – and two small clinics in Ainjar and Mejdel Ainjar in the Beka’a Valley.

The HKCC Lebanon Center focuses on mother and child development, with services ranging from the medical to the social, as well as psychological and educational fields. These services are offered to people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and citizenships.

The primary goal of HKCC is to provide for the complete well-being of the child. Because children do not live in isolation, they cannot be helped without taking into consideration the family, the school, the street, the environment and all the influences they are exposed to. With this in mind, HKCC strives to nurture the complete development of children in their families and immediate environments.

While our central goal is the health of child, our services also extend to all family members in order to better address his/her health problems and social issues.

As we follow children’s natural development in school, we closely monitor their behavior in their leisure time, making use of all our medical, paramedical, and social services. Our multidisciplinary approach has become the anchor of our services and a main factor in our community development programs.

We, at HKCC Lebanon, believe in the power of small acts of kindness and humble gestures of empathy and love, which have the ability to transform any person, young and old. In our goal to provide children with proper care, we strive to foster a sense of community through the mutual respect, social responsibility, and benevolence of its individual members.



We believe in the power of:

• Helping hands that restore the health of the child
• Smoothing words that cheer up the distressed girl
• Loving smiles that boost the spirit of a teenager
• Friendly handshakes that empower a neglected woman
• Listening ears that revive the dignity of an unemployed man
• Comforting visits that fill with light and hope the humble home of a destitute family.

In our modest human way, we try to make the little world entrusted to our care a bit more peaceful, a little more just, and a better place to live.

Following the definition of health from the World Health Organization as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” we work to provide our community with the tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle.